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Respiratory Therapists (RT) care for people who have trouble breathing due to an issue with their airways or a respiratory disease, like asthma. This is a rewarding field where you receive good pay for a few years of studying and you’re able to give back to your community.

Becoming a respiratory therapist can take a lot of effort, but it’s not impossible. It takes hard work, dedication, and using the right tools to learn. Respiratory Panda gathers the best resources and tools and puts them all in one place so you can spend less time searching for answers and more time advancing your career.

01. People looking to pursue RT

We have answers for people interested in making a career switch, but don’t know if RT is right for them

03. Recent Graduates

Congratulations!! It’s time to find a job. But first let’s see what certifications you need before you can practice.

02. Current RT

If you’re struggling with a course, and need help, or you just want some tips to do better in school, we got you covered.

04. Established RT Professionals

Yes, there is something for everyone here. Even the seasoned professionals. Should you pursue your master’s and what career options do you have as a RT?

Interesting Respiratory facts

Respiratory therapy is constantly growing due to environmental changes and a growing elderly population, which can mean more medical professionals are needed in the future. It is a great choice to jump on board the RT ship because you can help other and give back to your community. 

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RT Job Growth by 2028
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What We Offer

Sometimes people don’t perform as well as they could have because they’re not aware of the tools they have around them.

We want you to reach your highest potential at each step of becoming a respiratory therapist. We do this by providing you with the best knowledge and resources available. Whether it’s price comparisons for RT schools or reviews on the best certification courses, we have you covered.

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Guides for surviving RT school

How to study for post-grad certifications

Recommendations on other RT career paths

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How We Work

We are a team of close friends. Some are pursuing a career in respiratory therapy, while others are medical professionals and a few writers. We look around the internet and ask our peers to see what are the biggest questions being asked in respiratory therapy. And then, we ask each other more questions and do our research.

What we come up with is a detailed guide to answer the question or an in-depth review of the best places to get what you need.

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