Who we are

A group of RTs and Doctors

Hi! Welcome to Respiratory Panda! We’re so glad to have you here.

We’re a collective of people pursuing respiratory therapy, medical professionals, and writers.  Our diverse backgrounds help us to write content that is easily understood. We know not everyone who visits our sites will be a registered respiratory therapist so we write in a casual, comfortable tone that is packed full of good information.

The reason we created Respiratory Panda is to make a place where anyone interested in respiratory therapy can easily get the information they need. When we were looking to become respiratory therapist and there wasn’t a lot of useful information around. The job descriptions for respiratory therapists were always short and sweet. And, it was hard to find much information past “RTs can start working in as little two years.” The resources we came across weren’t that great and we knew we could do better. So here we are with Respiratory Panda. Our goal is to provide you with in-depth, credible guides and resources for respiratory therapy.

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Why we are here

We believe we can make a lasting impact and we didn’t like how hard it was to find good content on respiratory therapy. Before we launched this site, we spent months researching the biggest questions in respiratory therapy and gathering the most thoughtful (and credible) answers. We like to be easily fact-checked so we frequently include our sources as well.

One other thing we noticed is how dry-toned and dull some resources were and we wanted to be different. Our pages aim to be easily read and eye-catching. We also wanted our layout to be user-friendly so you can effortlessly find what you need. The two things we focus on here are content and user-experience.

what we can do for you

Respiratory therapy is a broad topic and we have a lot to cover. Our initial posts will be for people who are considering respiratory therapy, but are unsure of what it means to be a RT. We want to provide “new-comers” with enough information to determine if respiratory therapy is right for them. Next, we’ll move on to writing about respiratory care degree programs. Once you decide on respiratory therapy, you need to understand what it takes to survive a respiratory care program and what resources you have around you to succeed. Lastly, we’ll cover the various certifications available and how you can advance your career further. Our goal is to paint detailed picture that gives you the answers you need at each stage of your career.


  • Articles that simplify complex topics
  • In-depth guides and study materials
  • Detailed perspectives of what it takes to be a rt
  • Current information on the state of respiratory therapy
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