We know you have the ambition to study for your CRT certification (TMC exam), but figuring out what to study can be a pain and take up a lot of time. We want to give you a hand by consolidating the best study guides and resources into one place so you can get back to learning!

What is a respiratory therapist?

Respiratory therapists care for patients who have breathing problems. These professionals will assess patients’ needs, monitor them, and provide treatment through the supervision of a physician. Respiratory therapists require a deep understanding of the cardiopulmonary system and standard clinical procedures. One of the ways professionals in respiratory care demonstrate their knowledge and experience is through certifications provided by the National Board for Respiratory Care (NBRC). Certifications are also a requirement in 49 states for you to receive your license to practice.  

What is the Therapist Multiple-Choice (TMC) exam?

The NBRC provides many credentials, but the first certification many respiratory therapists must pass is the Therapist Multiple-Choice (TMC) exam. Passing this exam awards you the entry-level certification called the Certified Respiratory Therapist (CRT). This guide will help you find the best resources to study for the TMC so you can be a RT as soon as possible. The test itself costs $190. It is composed of 140 multiple-choice questions, and you have three hours to answer all of them. The purpose of this test is to measure your knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to be an entry-level respiratory therapist. If you are looking to try for the more advanced-level certification, called the Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT), your goal is to pass the TMC and achieve a high-cusp score.

Major areas covered in the TMC exam
  • Understanding patient data
  • Performing clinical assessments
  • Gathering clinical information
  • Evaluating patient results
  • Recommending further procedures
  • Assembling/Troubleshooting Devices
  • Ensuring infection prevention
  • Performing quality control procedures
  • Maintaining patient airways

  • Performing airway clearance and lung expansion
  • Supporting oxygenation and ventilation
  • Administering medications and gases
  • Modifying respiratory care plan as needed
  • Utilizing evidence-based practice
  • Providing respiratory care in high-risk situations
  • Assisting a physician in performing procedures
  • Conducting patient and family education

Who’s eligible to take the TMC?

Before you sign up to take the TMC, make sure you meet the application requirements. It would be unfortunate to have to wait longer to take the test because you didn’t meet the guidelines.


  • Must be 18 years or older​
  • Be a graduate of a two year+ accredited respiratory therapy program OR meet other educational requirements​
  • Pay the $190 fee for the Therapist Multiple-Choice (TMC) exam​
  • Complete the exam within 3 hours​

What are my study options for the TMC?

Along with notecards, reading, and videos, taking practice tests can help you get comfortable with and prepared for what’s on the real thing. There are also guided online courses and seminars you can attend to boost your possibility of acing the exam. These study tools do tend to cost money, but the satisfaction of knowing you don’t have to retake a $200 test may be worth paying for them. In the next sections, we’ll provide you with the best resources to help you study for the TMC. We separated these study tools by being free or not. Although you don’t have to spend extra money to study for the TMC, it may be worth it to peek at the paid options. Usually, the paid study tools are updated annually to adjust to any changes on the exam, and they offer support if you have any questions. Plus, you won’t have to search around Google and YouTube for all the materials you need to ace the exam.

Great TMC Courses to help you study

Exam prep courses are a great way to get all of your study materials in one-place. The great thing about these resources is countless other students have used them to ace their exams. Most courses also cater to different learning styles so you should find what you need.

Kettering Respiratory TMC Homestudy
  • Rank #1
  • 20+ Hours Total Study Time
  • Online & Physical Study Materials
  • 12 months access to audio lectures, 3 month access to practice questions
  • 70% money-back Satisfaction Guarantee
  • No Financial Aid
  • Practice Questions, Workbook, Audio Lectures, Practice Exams
  • Live Instruction Separate Cost
  • Tutor Support Available
Lindsey Jones Complete CRT RRT Exam
  • Rank #2
  • 21+ Hours Total Study Time
  • Online & Physical Study Materials
  • 6 Months Access Period
  • 30-Day Unused Return-Policy
  • No Financial Aid
  • Instructional Videos, Clinical Simulations, Practice Questions, Study Guide, Audio Lectures, Practice Exams, Flash Cards
  • Live Instruction Separate Cost
  • No Tutor Support Available
Respiratory Cram TMC Course
per month
  • Rank #3
  • 10+ Hours Total Study Time
  • Online Study Materials
  • Month-to-Month Access
  • No Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee
  • No Financial Aid
  • Simulations, Review Guides, Practice Exams, Practice Questions
  • No Live Instruction
  • No Tutor Support Available
Tutorial Systems CRT/RRT Review
per month
  • Rank #4
  • Undisclosed Total Study Time
  • Online Study Materials
  • Month-to-Month Access
  • No Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee
  • No Financial Aid
  • Simulations, Practice exams, Practice Questions
  • Live Instruction
  • No Tutor Support Available

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